Lula Cafe Takes Home Top Honors at 2024 James Beard Awards for Restaurant and Chef Excellence

Entertainment | June 11, 2024, 5:38 a.m.

Chicago's Lula Cafe shone at the 2024 James Beard Restaurant and Chef awards, being the only winner from the city and taking home the title in the Outstanding Hospitality category. Hosted at the Lyric Opera House, the event showcased top culinary talent, with Lula Cafe standing out for their commitment to fair and just conditions for all. Owner Jason Hammel emphasized the importance of policies supporting hospitality workers, highlighting the cafe's community-focused approach. Despite some losses for Chicago chefs in other categories, the city's culinary scene continues to impress, with notable establishments earning recognition. The event highlighted the national diversity and talent in the industry, reflecting changes made by the James Beard Foundation in response to industry critique. The awards reaffirmed Chicago's status as a vibrant food city, celebrating its rich culinary heritage and innovation.