Singapore Airlines Compensates Passengers Injured in Severe Turbulence with Minimum $10,000

Money | June 11, 2024, 6:45 a.m.

In response to severe turbulence that caused one passenger to lose their life and over 100 others to require medical attention, Singapore Airlines is offering compensation of at least $10,000 to injured passengers from Flight SQ321. The Boeing 777-300ER jet was en-route from London to Singapore when it had to make an emergency landing in Bangkok on May 21. Passengers with minor injuries will receive $10,000 while those with serious injuries requiring long-term care can receive an advance payment of $25,000. Additionally, the airline is offering full refunds to all passengers onboard that day and covering medical expenses for the injured. Descriptions of the terrifying experience from passengers highlight the gravity of the situation. Singapore Airlines has issued a sincere apology and is dedicated to supporting those affected by the traumatic incident.